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Just another day in the office

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Had a WTF moment yesterday after spending around 2 hours debugging a UI bug very-very late in the night, only to realize just before rewriting the entire UI component it was due to a minor typo, resulting in very wierd behaviour,just before the deadline.

The day ended with me fixing the bug with removing one character, down 200 bucks on dinner in the office, tired with just 2 hours of sleep in last 48 hours and a laptop that does not boot….. yet with a positive feeling, something which I dont seem to have much nowadays and few questions to myself, about which I better find answers soon.

All in a work’s day!

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I posted at rakesh’s blog about 2 of my favorite topics, python and philosophy.(after a good break from blogging for almost a year) Actually its a philosopical discussion of life worthness in pythonic manner. Read it here. so, whats your life_worthiness_quotient? :-)