Mohit Ranka

My current interests and major experience reside in machine learning, text analytics, big data analytics platforms, web service scaling and performance tuning. If you are working on interesting projects, where my experience and skills can help, get in touch.

(Major) Technical Skillset: Python, NLP/ML/Analytics, Hadoop, Cassandra, Postgres/MySQL


Apart from day jobs, some of the independent/freelance projects I have worked on in the past.


Sentiment analysis of tweets using Bayesian classifier. A generic Bayesian Model was prepared to classify tweets to positive, negative and neutral sentiments, based on various features detected in the tweet.

The overall accuracy of the system was around 83%. TwitterSentiment uses pickled objects created from corpora available at [].


This chrome extension adds google searchesque speech-to-text capability to all the input boxes of the web pages.


mDataRecovery, is a tiny command-line file backup (and restore ;)) utility, based on python and sqlite. The utility is designed to support multiple locations for the versioned backup target, like AWS, Local, and Over the network using rSync.


An open source solution of twitter clone for closed network groups, targeted towards the technical workforce to colloborate easily using the paste and file download/upload functionality, amongst other un-implemented features (as of now) of XMPP based chatting and code highlighting.


Chariot is a simplistic project management software.

I wrote the export/import functionality and various bug-fixes in entire older codebase for this django project.


Meetpeepl is a graphics e-store, based on django. I worked on Paypal and integration of the website.