Mohit Ranka

Harry Potter Vs. LOTR*

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*Contains Spoilers I happen to be a big fan of both, Harry Potter and LOTR. Both are legendary novels and they have written few chapters that can never be forgotten. Lets see few of the similarities in both the plots a) Both the movies have a super-powerful villain (Lord Voldemort/Dark Lord Sauron ), who was extremely powerful in the past, weakened (but not finished) due to some happenings and is trying to come back to power. If he comes back….. it would be impossible to stop him(from wrongdoings) So the aim is to not allow him to come to power b) In both the movies, the required task could only be done by a particular bunch of people (Harry, Ron, Hermione/Frodo, Sam ). No other can do it!! c) There is only one way to defeat the Villain (Destroy all the Horcruxes/Destroy the One Ring) and he already knows about it. d) There is a wise-person in both the novels (Professor Dumbledore/Gandalf the Grey ), Who knows all and does not seem to make a mistake ever. e) The protogonists (Harry, Ron, Hermione/ Frodo, Sam) are way too weak for the Villain ( Lord Voldemort/Dark Lord Sauron), but only they can face/fail him. f) Though the wise-person is perfect (and an almost equal match for the villain), he cannot destroy/defeat the villain. His role is limited only to guidance/strategy making.