Mohit Ranka

Success- How does one get it !!?

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I always wonder what makes people successful ? I dont know if such ‘Formula’ exists. I have seen this world,well not much. 20 years are too less to know any thing about this world. but i always get the feeling(from what i have seen) that most deserving people are not always the most successful ones, sucess eludes them from one reason or another. what could it be?? I dont know, I am not successful either. one thing i know for sure that successful people hardly make any blunders.They know what to do well before it actually has to be done.They are planners,people who change the face of the world, or atleast their life, by planning. I might sound cliched, these all are the good qualities,talent,intelligence, hardwork etc. So whats the difference? lots of people have these qualities,they all are not successful. Surely, Not all deserving people get what they deserve, The reason, so simple….. they do not deserve it! Yes,they have one ‘weakness’ or another which negates their qualities. Its just they do not realize it for most of the times and remain unsucessful. I have one mind, i can think in a particular way.but my way is not necessarily correct.If you have any comments about my blog,please post them! it will help me learn this world better. –Thanks Mohit